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Past Writers & Columnists (Writers are listed here that participated in 2001 with CCM, but are no longer writing for the year 2002- Bios are coming soon!)




By Ed Kemper

Ed Kemper

Questions & Answers Columnist

Ed Kemper hails from Pennsylvania. Hes been through quite a few different positions due to the fluctuating job market of the area. After many lay-offs, downsizing, and with quite a jump in the unemployment rate mixed with rising day care costs; decided to bite the bullet and pursue a career in freelance writing.

Eds actually relatively new to the freelance scene; however, hes been working on a few novels in progress. These are mostly in the form of fantasy and parenting.

I actually figured that if I can survive the rigors of being a modern dad, I can survive just about anything. I wont even mention taking my daughter shopping. Shes only 5 and yet I already shudder at the fateful phrase Daddy, when are we going shopping again. After my kids, freelancing isnt really that difficult.

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