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By:  Kris Williams






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Online FREE Computer  Games 

Have you ever considered letting your child play some online FREE computer games?? Most places have some excellent children’s games and adult games that are FREE to play and that do not require downloading anything directly to your computer except for a cookie program so that it will run. Thus you do not have to have major storage on your computer for these games. There are several major sites that now offer games such as Yahoo, MSN, and more. One of my favorite places to play these games with my children are at: for the direct game links see below:


Children's FREE Games:

E.T. Bejeweled is a great fun children’s game and the adult version is often fun for older children too. Check out this link to the kids FREE games with MSN:


Adult Free Games (similar to the children’s versions only more difficult):

This place has games like the famous Bejeweled game, Dynomite, Noah’s Ark, Trivia, Collapse, Big Money, Mummy Maze, and so much more. Sit down and take turns with your children today playing these games as they can be so much fun on a day without sun. You might just make your child’s day and keep them occupied for a spell. Our family’s favorite game to play right now is the New Noah’s Ark as each time you select a pair of animals, the animal sounds off. My youngest ones just giggle and watch, my oldest can join and actually play.


Words of Caution:

Please be sure to always read the website rules and privacy statements so you understand what the site is all about and it's policies! And we always suggest parental guidance and supervision when any child that is on the internet/computer!! There are links that do take you to other places, so please beware! Our suggestion is to check out any site we mention first before sitting down and letting your child play, this way you are familiar with things beforehand.




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