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Name That Character Game    

This can be a very amusing game that I have played with my children and even at some of my old places of employment with adults, too. It is a thinking game to encourage matching the characters from Disney movies to actual people. And if you can't match these delightful characters to names or faces, why not see how many Disney movies you and your family can name. See how many movies you can think of (we gave you a good start below). Here are some of the most widely used characters of use and, of course, seeing or knowing the movie does help, so you can always watch a movie and then play this game:
1.	Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
2.	The Lion King.
3.	Oliver and Company.
4.	The Little Mermaid Family.
5.	Dumbo and Family.
6.	Mary Poppins.
7.	Beauty and the Beast.
8.	101 Dalmatians.
9.	Hercules.
10.	Bambi.
11.	Pinocchio.
12.	Gordy and the family.
13.	Winnie the Pooh and family.
14.	Parent Trap.
15.	Old Yeller.
16.	Sleeping Beauty.
17.	Robin Hood and his merry men.
18.	Mulan.
19.	Toy Story.
20.	Tarzan.
21.	A Bug's Life.
22.	The Aristocrats.
23.	Pocahontas.
24.	Lady and the Tramp.
25.	Jungle 2 Jungle.




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