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Field Trips

Field trips are a wonderful way to expose children to new experiences. Going places allows the children to get out into their community to practice socialization skills, as well as learn about places that make up their town. Some of the best field trips can be to small spots where people are friendly and love to share their knowledge. Here are some ideas for you.

We try to go on a field trip a month. The trips are to places with a short driving distance, free admission, and lots of helpful adults. Some of our favorite places to visit are: the local library, the grocery store, a local bank, the town park, an animal shelter, a hospital, and even our local college. Usually a phone call in advance, asking for the place to accommodate a small group for a short tour, is all that is needed. It is especially helpful if you have a parent that works at one of these fascinating places. The parent can give you contact names and might even be able to get a few extra special items thrown in.

The local library usually has weekly story events. Getting away from the center just to listen to the librarian read a story can be quite exciting. You could even have the children bring their own library cards to check out a book. By calling the library, they will be able to give you a schedule of events. The grocery store can be another neat place to visit. Ask the manager if you can have a behind the scenes tour to see where the shipments come in, how the bakery is run, and how they store food. The local grocery store could even throw in some nutritional information. Perhaps they will even allow each child to take a piece of fruit home with them. Most grocery stores will accommodate you, because the children will tell their moms and dads all about the great experience they had and this will in turn increase business for the store.

The local bank can also be fascinating. The children usually enjoy looking into the vault of money, seeing the surveillance equipment, and perhaps even opening an account. Of course, you would have to get parent permission in order to open accounts.

The park is also a fun place to go for a change of scenery. A picnic lunch could be packed, along with a lot of extra water, and the children could spend their day playing on the equipment. If your park has a basketball court, be sure to bring a ball along. Even if the children are not very good, they could still practice.

The animal shelter, hospital and college are all great places to visit, as well. Take the opportunity to call and see what each place has to offer. At our local animal shelter, the children get to spend time with the animals and learn why it is important to take responsibility for animals. The hospital has great tours where the children can look at the different rooms, meet doctors and nurses, and see the new babies at the nursery. Going to the hospital and meeting the people who work there, seems to lessen the anxiety the children sometimes have about these types of places. And visiting a local college can be a thrill! The younger children really enjoy walking on campus with the college kids. Taking a tour into a classroom, through the library and into the cafeteria, can be really exciting. The children also enjoy eating at the local cafeteria.




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