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  During the month of July, Child Care Magazine will be undergoing site clean-up and a summer hiatus. Please join us back on August 5th 2002 for a brand New Issue with even more columns, writer's,  and articles! Have a Great July everyone!    

Featured Articles

Know Thyself - Habits, Self-Knowledge and the Future of the Human Race

By Robert Rickover

John Dewey was America’s most prominent philosopher. He was the chief proponent of the branch of philosophy known as Pragmatism and he was also very influential in the development of American public education during the first half of the twentieth century. Indeed he is often referred to as the “Father of American Education”.



And Away






By Jeff Stimpson

If it's up, it's where Alex has to be.

He's always moved up. For weeks he's been getting to the top of the coffee table himself. Alex is just shy of a yard tall; the table comes to his stomach. He puts his arms out and his palms flat on the wood, then up comes the left leg as the foot searches for purchase. Finding none because its 2-year-old owner isn't yet a Rockette, the leg thrusts forward the knee and the right foot leaves the floor. Sometimes I give him a little push in the behind or steady his left foot in place. An instant later Alex is propelled to the top of a new world to slap his hands, grunt once, and grin.





  During the month of July, Child Care Magazine will be undergoing site clean-up and a summer hiatus. Please join us back on August 5th 2002 for a brand New Issue with even more columns, writer's,  and articles! Have a Great July everyone!    

Weekly Columns

By Apryl  Chapman-Thomas

Travel Destinations

Across America

By D. Ann Graham

Prime Time Parenting

Undercover Summer

By Pat Son

Time Management & Organization

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Kris Williams

Grade School Activities


Coming Next Week!

By Darlene Zagata


Custody And Divorce








By Jennifer Hollowell

Journals for Keepsakes

Coming Soon!

By Christy Drake


Keb,The Little Elephant Who Learned to Keep Trying

By Julie Black

Moms Column

Growing into Motherhood

By Ed Kemper

Questions and Answers in Child Care

Returning Soon!

By Julie Black

Dealing with Difficulties

The Task of Multitasking

By Victoria L. Pietz

Business Cents!


Transportation Expenses 

By Bernie Knox

Humor in Child Care

Shoes of the Month Club





By Sharon Wren

Child Care Issues

Exercise Everyone!

By D.J. McCormick

Gifted Children


By Alicia Adams

Software, Website, & Game Reviews

The Science of Baseball

By Ed Kemper

Spelling Word List

NEW! Coming Soon!


By Lori B. Jones

Reading Readiness

Dramatic Play

By Anita York


Computers and Homeschooling

By Jenifer McCrea


Life without TV, Can You Do It?

By Stephanie Walker

Women in History

NEW! Coming Soon!

By J. A. Mortenson

Nature Knowledge

Honey Bees

By J. A. Mortenson

Nature Trivia

More on Bees

By Heather Grant

Activities for Preschoolers

The Five Senses

By Julie Miller

Behavior Management

Temper Tantrums - Journey to a Foreign Land

By Kris Williams

Ten Best Lists (Child Related ONLY!)

10 Best Reasons to Give Kids Cameras

By Ed Kemper

Introduction to Organizations

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Darlene Zagata

Pets for Children

Choosing A Pet


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