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Featured Articles

A Child Raising Children


By Tressa M. Clinger

As a young mother, I feel that I face many additional pressures in parenting.  I see strangers look at me disapprovingly when my children are acting up in the grocery store and I can't help feeling that they would be more lenient if I were an older, more mature mother.  I am twenty-five with three children under the age of five, but people often think I'm only about seventeen. 


Literary Agent



By Jeff Stimpson

Imagine what Alex hears when I read to him. Being two, of course, he doesn't let on, just brings you the book, places it against your thigh, and starts looking down at the pages in complete expectation that you will, in fact, read aloud.

"Goodnight clocks, and goodnight socks."





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Weekly Columns

By Apryl  Chapman-Thomas

Travel Destinations

Have Kids, Will Travel (or Sail)

By D. Ann Graham

Prime Time Parenting

A Matter of Taste 

By Pat Son

Time Management & Organization

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Kris Williams

Grade School Activities


Got to Have Milk Crates?

By Darlene Zagata


Coming Soon!








By Jennifer Hollowell

Journals for Keepsakes

Date Books: As a Memory Journal?

By Christy Drake


The Last Out

By Julie Black

Moms Column

Anything for Convenience

By Ed Kemper

Questions and Answers in Child Care

Returning Soon!

By Julie Black

Dealing with Difficulties

Airplane Traveling with the Toddlers!

By Victoria L. Pietz

Business Cents!


Firing Employees

By Bernie Knox

Humor in Child Care

Great Moments in Child-Rearing History





By Sharon Wren

Child Care Issues

Cool Stuff for Adults!

By D.J. McCormick

Gifted Children

Building a Future

By Alicia Adams

Software, Website, & Game Reviews

Coming Soon!

By Tracy Livingston


Coming Soon!

By Ed Kemper

Spelling Word List

NEW! Coming Soon!


By Lori B. Jones

Reading Readiness

Letter/Number Learning Center

(Pictures of Classroom Word Walls - May take a long time to load, please wait patiently!)

By Anita York


The End of Another Homeschooling Year

By Jenifer McCrea


Top Ten Things I will Tell my Pregnant Friends

By Stephanie Walker

Women in History

NEW! Coming Soon!

By J. A. Mortenson

Nature Knowledge

Welcome to Nature Knowledge!

By J. A. Mortenson

Nature Trivia

Bees Go Buzz

By Heather Grant

Activities for Preschoolers

Helpful Hints and Tips

By Julie Miller

Behavior Management

Tips and Tricks for Fostering Clean Up Behaviors

By Kris Williams

Ten Best Lists (Child Related ONLY!)

10 Best Sayings in Our Home this Month out of the Mouths of Babes

By Ed Kemper

Introduction to Organizations

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Darlene Zagata

Pets for Children

Coming Soon!


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