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Featured Articles

11 Ways of Using the Art of Distraction


By Kris Williams

The Art of Distraction is a learned concept that a parent can use to keep their child(ren) busy or distracted from a certain situation. This concept is a great tool best utilized during frustration times, arguing, fighting, when you need some time to accomplish something, or when tears erupt. Any child can benefit from this because it switches their attention to something new. It is best used instead of yelling, scolding, or spanking a child. 




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Weekly Columns

By Apryl  Chapman-Thomas

Travel Destinations

NEW! Coming Soon!

By D. Ann Graham

Prime Time Parenting

Warning: Choking Hazard

By Pat Son

Time Management & Organization

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Kris Williams

Grade School Activities


3 Fun Games for Families and Children

By Darlene Zagata


Children Of Divorce








By Jennifer Hollowell

Journals for Keepsakes

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Julie Black

Moms Column

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Ed Kemper

Questions and Answers in Child Care

Returning Soon!

By Christine L. Pollock

Music & Art in Child Care


By Victoria L. Pietz

Business Cents!

Hire on a Budget

By Bernie Knox

Humor in Child Care

Yoda Yoda Yoda





By Sharon Wren

Child Care Issues

Coming Next Week!

By D.J. McCormick

Gifted Children

Coming Next Week!

By Alicia Adams

Software, Website, & Game Reviews

Coming Soon!

By Tracy Livingston


Learning is lifelong…Why push it???

By Ed Kemper

Spelling Word List

NEW! Coming Soon!


By Lori B. Jones

Reading Readiness

Reading Readiness Intro

By Anita York



By Jenifer McCrea


Coming Soon!

By Linden McNeilly

Toddler and Teen

Little Miss Manners

By Julie Black

Dealing with Difficulties

Time Out for You

By J. A. Mortenson

Nature Knowledge

Children Learn Through Nature

By J. A. Mortenson

Nature Trivia

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Heather Grant

Activities for Preschoolers

Sand Box Volcanoes and The Little Red Hen

By Julie Miller

Behavior Management

What is Enough?

By Kris Williams

Ten Best Lists (Child Related ONLY!)

10 Greatest Family Activities

By Ed Kemper

Introduction to Organizations

NEW! Coming Soon!

By Darlene Zagata

Pets for Children

NEW! Coming Soon!


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