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By:  Kris Williams





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 3 Fun Games for Families and Children

 1.      Alphabet Game great for travel or a rainy day.


Each person playing takes turns calling out an object beginning with the first letter of the alphabet (or for a harder game for older children reverse order and start with Z). If the child can not find an item within 10 minutes a child can pass his/her turn to the next player. Each player must go through the entire alphabet in order from A-Z or Z-A.




        Either have to go in order or reverse order of the alphabet.

        Must take turn and find an object beginning with that letter in your turn or player can pass.

        The first one to get to the end or the beginning of the alphabet is declared the winner.


2.      Water Soap Slide.


Items needed:


        Bottle or two of dish soap (non stinging for eyes preferred).

        Long sheet of plastic or roll of plastic. Cut to length desired.

        Small grassy hill or incline without rocks.

        Running Water from a hose.




        Everyone gets a turn, stand in a line at the top.

        Be careful, adult supervision is strongly recommended even for older children.

        Be sure nothing obstructs the path or is underneath the plastic that can become harmful.

        Slide at your own risk. Belly it or slide by your bottom.

        And as always, watch out for the little ones.


Place the plastic on the hill, pour some soap on the top side of the plastic, and place the running water from the hose at the top of the plastic on the hill. If you hit the plastic too hard, you might just take the plastic with you, but you can also have a couple of family members stand on the top two corners to hold it down. Then start at a distance from the plastic, running and slide on the plastic! To keep water costs down, you can turn off the water and soak it when it becomes less slippery.


***Word of warning, keep your mouth closed or you might get it filled with soap.



3.      Egg and Spoon run.


Items needed:




        Designated outdoor arena. Choose wisely as you will have broken eggs on the ground. (For example, choose a quick run between two trees that are 25 feet apart.)

        Prize for the winner. Be imaginative! (Give them a break from a certain chore that week or an extra dessert one night.)




        First of all, be safe.

        Run in a straight line.

        Keep the egg on the spoon.


The object of the game is to run the distance of the course with the egg seated on the spoon. If the egg falls off the spoon, then that player is out of the game. Last one holding an egg on their spoon or the first one crossing over the finish line will be the winner.


Word of Caution! Please keep safety in mind at all times and always have all activities supervised. All activities or games are not for every child or family. If there is an emergency, please contact your doctor or hospital. Play safe, be safe, and act safe!



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