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Time Out for You

It amazes me how many moms do not take hardly any time out for themselves. It is like they feel their families will not be able to function without them. I used to take time out for myself a lot, take Yoga classes, go in the steam room at the Y, stuff like that. Now that we have two kids I feel like it is a big burden to leave my husband with the kids for extended periods of time, even though I am with them all day long. It is a hard thing to realize that my kids will be fine and my husband will be too, if I do take a few hours for myself, even if it just means I go to the library to read for a few hours in peace and quiet.

Most husbands are more than happy to watch the kids for their wives, especially if they know their wife will come back rejuvenated and rested. I saw an Oprah where women would go on trips anywhere from a few days to a few months to take time out for themselves. Time out to refresh and rejuvenate themselves, a sabbatical of sorts. I wish I could do that, I think I need to start at a few hours more often and work my way up to a few days. Oh ... the thought of going to a retreat center or a spa and have hours on end to indulge in sinful things like 2 hour long bubble baths and massages and breakfast in bed. I think I can work up to a full weekend away!

For now I will settle for an hour long bath while reading my favorite book. Even if it means I will be interrupted by the telephone and the kiddos, the small bits of serenity I achieve helps me throughout the day. At night I try to take a walk by myself, just to think and breathe. My husband knows that I need some space and he will graciously watch the kids for me. He also doesn't mind watching the kids while I have a girls night out with a few of my friends once a month or so.

Another thing I try to do for myself is exercise. I heard somewhere before, they said to never feel guilty (I think it was from Denise Austin the fitness Guru) about taking time out for yourself to exercise. I try to do it every other day. I do Yoga, Cindy Crawford Tapes, whatever, just me and the TV getting a good workout. I like to do it in the beginning of the day, so that I do not keep putting it off, and then it never happens.

You might find that for you a moment of peace comes from an interrupted shower/bath. Or maybe an hour to read quietly. Your family should be willing to let mommy have some “mommy time” and give you a few minutes of peace. Try a soothing cup of chamomile tea and a great book, just for a half an hour before you go to bed. If you are a bath taker, try taking a bath with the lights out (door locked)! And candles lit. For the full effect you can toss some rose petals in with some bath salts. (I highly recommend Bath and Body Works Bath Salts in Sandalwood, heavenly!) You will be amazed how much better you feel when you step out of that tub.

You could also think about getting a baby-sitter or hubby to watch kids so that you can go to a local coffee shop or bookstore and read the newspaper or a book in a quiet place. Or whatever you have been wanting to do kids free.

Remember for you to be a good mother to your kids and wife to your husband, you need to take some time out for yourself. I REPEAT, YOU NEED TO TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF! Your body will thank you. Now, go jump in a tub!


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