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"The most adorable thing a child did while in my care."

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1st Place Winner receives an Ebook titled:

"Home Daycare Recordkeeping", by Brigitte A. Thompson.

A fantastic read for anyone running a Daycare or contemplating owning one!


2nd Place Winner receives an Ebook titled:

"Learning Letters Worksheets A-M", by Kris Williams.

An Excellent Ebook for those in Child Care who would like to teach their pre-schoolers the letters A-M with worksheets.

3rd Place Winner receives a copy of Child Care Magazine's FIRST


"Issue 1, vol. 6.1", by Child Care Magazine.

Our FIRST ISSUE that is now available in PDF format for downloading to read and print for your own personal reference.


  1. One entry per person/email address.

  2. Contest Ends: February 1st, 2002. Winners listed in the following Issue of Child Care Magazine!

  3. Judges are: Kris Williams & Brigitte Thompson, and the decision of the judges is final! In case of a tie, names will be thrown in a hat and a winner drawn.

  4. Article length must be 150 words or more. Winning Articles will be listed here!!!!!

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  7. Any material not deemed suitable for publication will be removed from the article at the sole discretion of the Editor.

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  10. For more information about the Kris' Ebook & others like it, please visit  website: .

**We would like to Thank Brigitte Thompson & Kris Williams for their donation of their Ebooks for inclusion as Prizes!



Featured Article

"A Stiff-necked People"

By Robert Rickover

The Lord said to Moses, I see this is a stiffnecked people. Now let Me be, that my anger may blaze forth against them and that I may destroy them... (Exodus, 32: 9, 10)

Moses had been up on the mountain top for awhile receiving Gods commandments. The people had lost faith in his return - and in God. They built a golden calf to worship and began sacrificing animals to it.



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Changing Behavior - "Phase Three"

By Sheri Karan

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By Christine L. Pollock

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Beatrix Potter

By Victoria L. Pietz

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By Emily Bridges & Audrey Gilger

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Taking the Sting Out of Shots

By Sharon Wren

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A Child with Asthma

By D.J. McCormick

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