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Habits: Friends or Foes?

By Robert Rickover

 "As a child, 'helping' in the kitchen, it was by watching my mother that I learned how to beat eggs with a fork. Along with the rapid forearm movement, I copied what she did with her shoulders - and soon began to feel cramped and tired. How could I know, young as I was, than the tension I had copied was merely an expression of my mother's anxiety to hurry on to the next task, that it contributed nothing to the speed or effectiveness of the egg-beating.                              Read More...

Giftedness & Child Care

By DJ McCormick

“My child is special!”  Isn’t that what every parent says?  But, your child is not only special, but also gifted.  When choosing a child care center for a gifted child, you must keep several items in mind.  First and foremost, you will want to make sure your childcare provider understands the meaning of giftedness.                           Read More...


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Adding: Tutorial # 14

By Sharon Wren

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