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By Corinne McKay

What would you say if someone offered you the opportunity to send your child to a school that would be completely customized to your beliefs and preferences and to your child's interests and abilities? What if you could ensure that every question your child asked, from "Where do people go when they die?" to "Is it OK for a man to fall in love with a man?" would be answered in a way that did not conflict with your moral, political, or religious beliefs? What if you could be sure your child would never be taunted by bullies, ignored by overworked teachers, or denied individual attention that he or she needed?

Furthermore, what if this program had been shown to be so effective that by the eighth grade, your child had a 50% chance of testing at a twelfth grade level? Would you be willing to give up your job and most of your free time, comply with state regulations, and answer the questions and criticisms of your family and close friends in order to provide this environment for your child? For the growing number of

families in the US who choose to home school their children, the answer to this question is an emphatic yes.                                                Read More...


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Graphing: Tutorial # 13

By Sharon Wren

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Nine Places To Take Your Child During The School Year



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