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Car Seats, Part 2

By Lori R. Cohen

In Vol. 8.2 Issue 11, we dealt with the excuses people have for misusing car seats or not using them at all, and established that that’s what they are: excuses, not valid reasons. Now that we’re all properly embarrassed and ready to install our seats correctly, here’s a basic guide on how to proceed. (Please note: if your child is premature or has special needs, you can contact the American Academy of Pediatrics at www.AAP.org or Transport Canada at (800) 333-0371.)                       Read More...

Planning a Curriculum for Family Daycare

By Sheri Karan


As soon as you wake up in the morning, your mind is turning, wondering what to do with the daycare children today.  Should you do a craft, spend some time with nature, cooking, or maybe all three?  Does this sound familiar?                         Read More...
Child Care: Reconciling the Differences Between Parent and Provider

By Pat Son

Childcare can be a very emotional issue for parents.  They are looking for quality care for their child, at rates they can afford.  Often, guilt and worry about their children can cause problems with their career or put stress on their marriage.         Read More...


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By Deb & Dave Graham

Prime Time Parenting

Out of Habit

By Heather Haapoja

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Pulling it All Together

By Christine L. Pollock

Music & Art in Child Care


By Victoria L. Pietz

Child Care Start-Ups

Getting Through in Times of Uncertainty

By Noreen Wyper

Kitchenlab Kindermath

Measurement: The Calendar:      Tutorial # 12

By Sharon Wren

Child Care Issues

Five Fun Holiday Traditions



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